Artist Application Rules
Jury fee may be paid on line or send a check with application. All Artists & Craftsmen over the age of 18 professional or 
Fill out application before you print, then sign and date. amateur are invited to exhibit and sell their work.
Send completed application with separate checks for jury, booth and  
corner fee. Make cks payable to Beaux Arts Fund Committee, Inc. All work  must be of original design and handcrafted by the 
mail to: 17622 Hubbard Road, East Moline, IL 61244 exhibiting Artist.  One medium /one artist per booth /no shared 
If not accepted all checks will be returned except for the non-refundable booths. Artist must present during fair hours.
jury fee. Booth and corner fee checks will not be cashed until their  
respective notification dates. Spring March 15th / Fall July 15th All exhibitors must provide their own display, tables, chairs and 
If accepted for wait list, and not called, checks will be returned after the white canopy. All storage must be contained within booth area.
fair or at your request / cancelation. Booth must remain open during fair hours.
Images: All images in jpeg format NO staking or drilling is permitted. 
Mail CD with application OR e-mail 4 images to All booths will be on paving brick or pavement. Structures should
Label images with Artist's last name-medium- number 1-4 making sure be built to withstand gusty winds.  Minimum weights of 50-80 lbs.
numbers correspond with process on application.(Example: Jones-clay-1) per leg are recommended.  Any artist with hazardous display will 
Images should be an accurate representation of art to be displayed at fair, be required to close and will forfeit all fees.
Artist's name or person should not appear within images. No gas powered generators allowed.
  Exhibitors are required to collect and  submit  IA state sales tax.
Brief process for making artwork (not a description) 150 characters Beginning July 1,2016, we will no longer provide temporary sales tax permits.
This will be read to jury along with title size and price. Artists must obtain their permanent permits prior to your event. Vendors
Make sure it is legible. No other information will be read, i.e. awards etc. are able to charge and collect tax after submitting an application.
The Committee has the right to request the removal of any art not Contact Taxpayer Services, Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:15pm.
representational of the jury images. Telephone: 515-281-3114 Email:
  website https:/
Each artist is required to submit a non-refundable $20.00 jury fee Beaux Art Committee has the authority to request the removal of
Booth Fee: any exhibit or undesirable items. Anyone who is rude or obscene,
Single10'w  x 10'd - $160.00      Double 20'w x 10'd - $320.00 or who is verbally or physically abusive toward a volunteer,
18'w x 12'd      $250.00  / Only 12 available exhibitor or general public will be ask to leave.
Corner:  2 exposed sides Additional $25.00 (separate check) Check In:
Late fee $10.00 for applications received after March 15th./July 15th In front of Figge Museum 225 W 2nd Street, Davenport, IA 52801
  You will receive your packet PLEASE READ.A number to keep 
Medium: in your vehicle window. This'll help the police identify you as
Clay / Porcelain / Glass / Fiber/Textiles / part of the fair. 
Jewelry / Metal / Leather / Set-Up:
Photography / Painting / Mixed Medium / Come prepared to cart .
Drawings / Wood / Lawn Art / PLAZA:   Set up times will be assigned for the plaza area 
Sculpture beginning at noon on Friday. Detailed instructions will be mailed
No Buy Sell Items, Dried Flowers with your acceptance letter. Arriving during your set up time
Location: will assure you the most convenient access to your booth. 
Spring Fair is held on the Figge Art Museum Plaza  225 W. 2nd  Please note plaza has a slope of 3" in 10'.
Street Davenport IA. 52801 and continuing on 2nd. St. If you can not arrive during your time or would prefer to set-up
between Harrison & Brady  Sat. You may park at curb and cart to your space. No one will be  
Fall Fair is held on the Museum Plaza only  allowed to drive on plaza Sat. morning. 
Hours for the fair: STREET:   Set up time is after 3pm on Friday. However a few
Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm            Sunday 10:am to 4:00 pm space are not available until 6pm Friday. Check your acceptance
  letter for your time. Vehicles must be out of the Fair area by 9am
Security: on Fair day. No exceptions!
Security will be provided beginning  at 5:00pm Friday through  Teardown:
Sunday. However damage or loss will be the responsibility  Teardown is not permitted until close of art fair!  
of the artist not the Fair Committee. Police & will be present NO vehicles will be allowed on fair grounds until Security deems  
throughout the entire event. that it is safe to do so! NO EXCEPTIONS!     
EMS will be present during fair hours. Failure to abide will result in future non-participation.
Cancellation Policy: Plaza:   Vehicles will not be allowed onto plaza area for load out 
All cancellations must be made in writing signed by the artist,  and will be parked at the curb in front on the plaza until booths 
Last day to cancel with refund Spring Fair April,1st/Fall Fair  are removed from the parking area, at which time vehicles will 
Aug,1st An office fee of $25.00 will be refund after  be allowed to pull in. Teardown instructions will be included 
these dates. in packet at check-in.
  Artist's  Breakfast  Sunday Morning 
Awards Each artist and a guest are invited to join us for the Artist's 
In your packet is your booth number. Please display number on front Breakfast on Sunday. Breakfast will be served in the Museum
right side of booth. Judges will be at the fair on Sat. Café from 7am until gone. Two complementary meals per 
Best of Show will receive a ribbon, $150.00 and free booth application. Please let us know if you will attend 
First place receives a ribbon and a free booth. Best of show and people's choice ribbons will be accounced at
Peoples choice receives a ribbon breakfast around 8:30
Awards will be given Sunday at Breakfast "Beaux Bucks"
  "Beaux Bucks" are purchase certificates given away to the public through
Emergency Numbers During The Fair advertising. They will be issued in $5. and $10. increments.
Jim 309-721-5320   Vicki 309-706-1434   Pat  563-579-7281 Please treat them like cash. You will receive face value of "Beaux Bucks"
Cathy 309-714-1567 when you reedem them at the information booth(#51) before 3:30 on Sunday
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