Spring Fair

May 8, 2021   10am-5pm

May 9, 2021   10am-4pm

Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds

2815 W. Locust St.

Davenport, IA 52804

The Beaux Arts Fund Committee is a non-profit group of volunteers. All proceeds fo to the Figge Museum of Art to fund exhibitions and educational programs.

The fair is free to the public and is held outside rain or shine. No commissions. 


Please select only one medium per application: clay, photography, wood, fiber/leather, glass, painting, jewelry, mixed medium, drawing/printmaking, sculpture.

No buy-sell items and no dried flowers.


A non-refundable $25.00 jury fee is due with the application.

Single 12' x 12' is $200

Double 24'w x 12'd is $400

Corner: 2 exposed sides, additional $25


The application is online at www.beauxartsfair.com or click on the link at the end of this form. 

February 15 - Deadline to apply.  Jury fee due w/application

March 1 - Acceptance notification emailed

March 15 - Booth fee due. Requests honored on a first-received basis

April 1 - Booth numbers and arrival times emailed

No refund on cancellations after April 1. 

An office fee of $25 will be deducted from any refund.

For those paying with a check, send your completed application with separate checks for jury fee and booth fee. Make checks payable to Beaux Arts Fund Committee, Inc. and send to

Beaux Arts Fund Committee

17622 Hubbard Road

East Moline, IL 61244


Acceptance notification will be mailed and booth fees deposited on March 15th. If not accepted, booth fee checks will be returned to you. There will be a $25 charge for non-sufficient funds.

The fall application will be available online on March 15, 2021. 


All images must be in JPG format.

Images should be an accurate representation of art to be displayed at fair, and the work shown must have been done within the past three years. One image of the booth is required (artist's name or any people should not be in the picture).

Describing your art process

Describe the process for making your art. This will be read to the jury, along with the title, size, and price. No other information will be read, i.e. awards etc. The committee has the right to request the removal of any art not representational of the jury images. 


Security will be provided beginning at 5:00pm Friday through Sunday. However, damage or loss will be the responsibility of the artist, not the fair committee. 


All artists and craftsmen over the age of 18, professional or amateur, are invited to exhibit and sell their work.

All work must be of original design and handcrafted by the exhibiting artist. All mediums must be juried. 

One artist per booth. An artist may show another medium in the same booth as long as both mediums have passed the jury. No shared booths.

Artist must be present during fair hours.

All exhibitors must provide their own display, tables, chairs, and white canopy. All storage must be contained within the booth area. Booth must remain open during fair hours. 

NO gas powered generators allowed.

Exhibitors are required to collect and submit Iowa state sales tax.  Artists must obtain their permanent permits prior to the event.  Vendors are able to charge and collect tax after submitting an application. Contact Taxpayer Services, M-F  8am - 4:15pm. 515-281-3114 or 800-367-3388. Email idr@iowa.gov. Visit https://tax.iowa.gov

The Beaux Arts Committee has the authority to request the removal of any exhibit or undesirable items. Anyone who exhibits rude or obscene behavior, or who is verbally or physically abusive toward a volunteer, exhibitor, or general public will be asked to leave. 


Your booth number is in your packet. Please display your number on the front right side of your booth. Judges will be at the fair on Saturday. A winner from each medium will receive a first-place ribbon and $25. The Best of Show (chosen from the category winners) will receive a ribbon and $250.00. Winners will be posted at the information booth. 

All winners will be exempt from spring fair jurying the following year 2022. However, applications still need to be submitted by spring the deadline  (Feb. 15).

Beaux Bucks

"Beaux Bucks" are purchased certificates given away to the public through advertising. They will be issued in $5 and $10 increments. Please treat them like cash. You will receive face value of "Beaux Bucks" when you redeem them at the information booth BEFORE 4:00pm on Sunday. Bucks expire at the end of each fair.

Coffee, Donuts & Fruit

Available Saturday and Sunday morning at 8:00am at the information booth.

Hotel Accommodations 

Artists and vendors may click HERE for help in making hotel accommodations.

Questions & Inquiries