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We are offering patrons a new way to support the Beaux Arts Fair. For only $50, you can sponsor an art category award. For $250, you can sponsor the Best of Show award. You can pay via paypal or send a check to the address in the contact us section. Let us know what category you would like to sponsor.

Below are our 2023 Sponsors:

$250 Best of Show - available for sponsorship

$50 Clay sponsored by Lacey Skorepa

$50 Drawing/Printmaking - available for sponsorship

$50 Fiber/Leather - available for sponsorship

$50 Glass sponsored by Lacey Skorepa

$50 Jewelry sponsored by Lacey Skorepa

$50 Mixed Medium - available for sponsorship

$50 Painting sponsored by Tony Seabolt

$50 Photography - available for sponsorship

$50 Sculpture - available for sponsorship

$50 Wood sponsored by Jim and Cathy Bodine

Each artist is judged in their category by local professionals. Judging is completed on Saturday and awards are presented later in the afternoon during the fair. Sponsors may choose to meet the winning artists and assist with the presentation. In addition, Sponsors’ names will be listed on a banner in the hospitality tent and on our website. Category sponsors will receive two Figge passes and Best of Show sponsors will receive two Figge memberships.

There are many other opportunities for sponsorship. Coffee and continental breakfast provided for the artists is very popular. Our expenses include publicity, rentals, and security.

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We need YOU!

It takes a lot of work to put together TWO fine art shows each year.

That's why we rely on help from volunteers like you to lighten up the work load.

Which way would you like to help?

Something not listed? If you have a certain knack for something that you feel would be helpful to our fair, our artists, and our community, contact us today!

Click below if you have questions about volunteering or sponsorship. 

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