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About Beaux Arts

The Beaux Arts Fairs are premier art festivals!

All shows are juried to ensure the finest quality, and a variety of arts and crafts will be available for your personal perusal. No admission fee!

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The Spring Fair has become a Mother’s Day tradition, with families celebrating Mom and the arts. This art fair sprawls throughout a spacious area that accommodates 100 booths, plenty of free parking, music, food, and daily crowds of 8,000. Enjoy free admission to the museum during the fair.

Enjoy the riverfront farmer's market, eclectic restaurants, and many small businesses in the downtown area. Admire the awe inspiring architecture of the Figge Art Museum and enjoy free admission to the museum during art fairs. Don't miss this opportunity to find something truly unique for your collection.

The Beaux Arts Fundraising Committee has existed for over 70 years, incorporated in 1953 to support the Davenport Art Gallery on 12th Street. The Beaux Arts Costume Balls were used as a fund-raising event for many years. The Beaux Arts Fundraising Committee purchased and donated items to the museum's collections through the years. Many well-known area artists were listed as initial members, including Isabel Bloom, and her husband, John, both students of Grant Wood. The Isabel Bloom Handcrafted Sculpture factory and showroom continue to produce concrete statuary with artisans who have adopted techniques developed by Isabel Bloom. 


The fair was established in 1967, making the Beaux Arts Fair one of the longest-running art fairs in the Midwest. Fair attendance and artist participation expanded on a yearly basis. In 1970, to celebrate the new Wiese addition, the Beaux Arts Fundraising Committee started a second fair, making them one of the few bi-annual art fairs. 


In May of 2001, the Beaux Arts moved the fairs downtown while the new Figge Art Museum, was being built. In September 2008, the fairs moved back to the museum grounds. The Beaux Arts Fundraising committee continues to donate all proceeds from the fairs to the Figge Art Museum for programs and exhibitions. 


The Beaux Arts Fund Committee, a non-profit group of volunteers, donates all proceeds to the Figge Art Museum to fund exhibitions and educational programs. No commissions will be charged. The fair is free to the public.

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